The Modern, Vintage Bathroom

The Modern, Vintage Bathroom

Wow. We finally made it. We could not be happier with the final results of our total bathroom overhauls. To recap for everyone out there, we renovated the first and second floor bathrooms and then built the third floor bathroom from scratch.


Before we show off where we ended up, let’s take a quick walk down memory lane to see where we started.


The existing bathrooms were both more or less poorly planned messes. Plumbing stacks were all over the place. Fixtures were in odd locations. Walls created visual barriers and made the space feel narrow and awkward. The future bathroom for the 3rd floor was completely unfinished attic space. As you can see, we had quite the work cut out for us.

And now for the big reveal. What do you all think? We'd love to hear in the comments below! To say that we can a long way might be an understatement. All in all, the bathroom renovations took around 3 months to complete. Come on in and let’s explore how we ended up with these functionally modern, yet vintage style bathrooms.

The newly finished 3rd floor bathroom is basically unrecognizable from the original dark, attic space that once occupied this area.

Lots of white tile, white marble, and brass fixtures brighten up the space and reinforce that vintage aesthetic.


First up, let's talk about the floors. I honestly can’t even remember the floors from before. We actually had to rebuild the entire sub-floor of the existing bathrooms due to rot. At one point in the renovation you could balance on some joists on the 2nd floor and look down to see all the way to the basement. We’ve really come quite a ways since then.

The 3rd floor floors, however, really are the ones that steal the show. Our goal was to create something that felt original to the house. I think the biggest compliment we have received to date has been when some guests visited and asked if these were the original floors. For more in depth information about all of the tilework, pop on over to our past post Classic Tile Style. We take you through our process of selecting and sourcing the tile and how we managed to achieve this border effect on a budget and tight timeline.

Moving on, the subway tile throughout the rest of the bathroom continues that classic, 1940s style. To complete the look, we opted for modern grey vanities with Carrara marble tops. We tried to be sure to select vanities that had lots and lots of storage. We are so happy with how these turned out and the soft close drawers were icing on the cake. Plus, given that we got them from Home Depot and the sink was included, they didn’t break the bank.

Another great feature of the 3rd floor bathroom is the built-in open shelves. Owen cut and installed these natural oak boards and they provide ample amounts of storage. A series of bins, baskets, and glassware completed the look.

Oak boards from Home Depot cut down to size add a nice, natural warmth to the predomindantly gray and white space.

Labeling these canvas bins from Target has made my life so much simpler. With a place for everything, it is so easy to keep your bathroom organized and clutter free. At only $10 a pop, they are a great way to organize on a budget.

The last step to finishing off these bathrooms was the fixture selection. We knew that we wanted brass fixtures but were concerned with the upkeep and the added costs. We ultimately ended up going with the Delta Trinsic line in their Champagne Bronze finish for both the faucets and the shower kits. They are a slightly more subtle brass color and are super easy to clean compared to actual brass. An equal parts water and white vinegar mix (also great for stainless steel) cleans them right up and instantly rids them of all fingerprints and waterspots.


The fixtures’ blend of modern lines and vintage style also perfectly compliment the pivot mirrors and industrial style sconces.


A few plants to complete the space and that’s a wrap. All that remains is framing up some additional art and photography to round out the room. We truly do love how these bathrooms ultimately turned out.

Be sure to check out our ‘Shop the Look’ section below to find out more about where we sourced all the products. We also included a gallery of some in-progress shots from throughout the renovation process. Hope you enjoy!


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